-About Me

I am Asiya Shaikh, the Founder and Director of Nafs Healing. I have a dream to provide holistic healing in a safe, non-judgmental and inclusive environment. 

You can easily book a therapy session with me. As a Registered Psychotherapist, with more than 18+ years of experience I just happen to offer safe and effective therapy.  I have also completed post-graduate studies in Islamic Psychology from Cambridge Muslim College, UK; a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, and the only Master Practitioner in GTA in the new Trauma-Focussed therapy called Accelerated Resolution Therapy which gives rapid results within a few sessions. 

I see therapy as a journey, if you choose I can be a rafeeq- a companion on your healing journey.

It is important to me that you feel safe exploring your issues in a non-judgmental and inclusive environment. Because in a safe space you can uncover your emotional needs, realize your hidden potential and optimize your life. I see therapy as a journey, can I be your fellow traveller on the road towards your holistic healing ?

I sense that finding a therapist can be hard, yet I hope this is the beginning of a positive journey for you. I am a Registered Psychotherapist  who has been working in the Mental Health field for over 18+ years. I am trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) as a practitioner, which research has proved to be cost-effective to clients, as they heal within 2-5 sessions. In addition, I have certifications in ACT, CBT, REBT, NLP, Person-Centered, Somatic techniques, Trauma counselling, etc. As a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, I also work collaboratively with parents who are overwhelmed and struggling with many aspects of parenting. I have completed a 4-year ‘Alimmiyah’ program and upon request, I can facilitate spiritually-integrated therapy sessions in English, Urdu and Hindi too.

I believe that the key to healing is not just knowing what happened but transforming how the body, mind, heart, soul and spirit still remember it. Healing is reclaiming your true inner Self, of who you actually are: whole, worthy and lovable.

If you are struggling with Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Phobias or other psychological issues or if you are looking just to improve the quality of your life, then you have come to the right place. I see every client as an ‘amanah’ – a sacred trust, I hope that my work can benefit You in your journey towards wholeness. Let me help you discover the treasures that you have inside You.

Asiya’s niche is providing evidence-based therapies rooted in Islamic psychology. Expertise in addressing conditions like trauma, OCD, anxiety, depression, anger issues, and other adverse experiences. She uses a holistic mind, body, heart and soul approach and augments it with evidence-based therapies. She offers Fitrah-based parenting workshops and life skills training in the community.

The first session with Asiya is getting to know you and your therapy goals. As a depth-oriented therapist, she works at the root of the problem and divides treatment into three phases. Phase one is information gathering and working with the body and nervous system using somatic tools. In phase two she primarily uses Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), it’s a new transformative, evidence-based, rapid-eye-movement therapy that gives results within a few sessions. If you want to start your journey towards wholeness, you have come to the right place.