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About Us


‘Nafs’ is an arabic term lexically meaning The Self, Mind, Ego, Soul, Spirit. In other words Nafs means the entirety of the person because healing is coming back to the essence – ‘The Self’.

Nafs Healing was founded by Asiya Shaikh who was always fascinated by the miraculous nature of humans as a whole, comprehensive and holistic being. At Nafs Healing we take a unified trauma-informed approach and consider the psychological, physical, spiritual and social dimensions, to provide holistic mental health services from a Biopsychosocial & heart-opening spiritual perspective. We provide a safe and inclusive environment, culturally-relevant services, utilizing anti-racism and anti-oppressive framework to work with people of colour, visible minorities, refugees and anyone who is culturally wounded and seeking to heal.

The theme of the word Nafs has a modernistic undertone. It is to instill a sense of individual responsibility through a strong emphasis on choices made by the individual, it is the sophisticated cognitive and perceptive part that has many inter-related functions and unique characteristics. Nafs is something to be nurtured & self-regulated so that it can progress into becoming ‘sound’ through its thoughts & actions.

Nafs Healing Inc. is committed to providing quality Mental Health Services across the province of Ontario. We at Nafs are trauma-informed & skillfully trained in utilizing evidence-based treatment approaches

Treatment plans are unique for each client to help them reclaim their true inner self and enhance their quality of life. 

Our therapists and coaches are passionate about empowering and helping you thrive. We are here to tell you, that you are not alone. You can count on us on this healing & rewarding journey !


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