-Nurturing Parenting

A Positive Rational Parenting Program

We believe the best gift you can give your children is being a healthy and happy parent because studies suggest that parents who are happy and healthy will raise healthy and happy children. If you want to see your children flourish, it’s important that you take care of yourself. Why? Because children learn more from what is caught than what is taught, they model You. What you do matters because over a period of time children tend to become carbon copies of their parents. Be sure the master copy is worth duplicating.

The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Just like a gardener knows that you cannot make a plant grow, the plant grows by itself. What they do is create conditions and fix the soil around i.e. create the conditions to facilitate growth. Growth is sitting there beneath the earth the whole time. This same is true with the human system; beneath the surface are the seeds of possibilities waiting for the right conditions. As parents, we just need to create an environment conducive to our children’s healthy growth. And that is exactly what you will be learning in this parenting program, wherein you will learn evidence-based strategies to facilitate your child’s growth and help you balance on your parenting journey.

These Positive & Rational Parenting sessions are for you if you feel stressed out and find it challenging to manage your children’s emotions, behaviours and engage their cooperation. If you are struggling to communicate effectively with them and help them become more responsible, do not despair. Or maybe you want to raise your children with a sense of purpose, who are oriented to service, contribution and become adults who lead a rich, fulfilled life. The universality of this coaching program will help you restore balance and harmony in yourself and your environment. It will aid you in dealing effectively with everyday challenges and raise responsible children who excel in life.

These sessions are right for you if you:

Nafs Healing has therapists who are certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. They can help you find ways to enrich your parenting journey and find the joys of parenting despite the everyday challenges.

“Train your children with a different methodology than yours, for they were born for a time different than yours.”

-Ali bin Abi Talib or al-Hasan al-Basri