When you heal, you heal the world!

Nafs Healing Inc. has a grand vision of providing Holistic Mental Health Services to help individuals feel safe and live a liberated & balanced life.

Counselling Services



Are you feeling distressed, unsafe and finding it difficult to restore your calm ?




Have you been experiencing low mood most of the day and feeling hopeless ?




Do you have an overall sense of unease, feel restless and tensed ?




Parent Child Issue

Are you feeling overwhelmed and having daily struggles with your children ?



Is life just passing by and you can’t seem to get anything done ?



Imagine unleashing the true version of your Self and knowing the treasures you have inside you. Every time you let go off old traumas, perspectives, conditioning & hurt you allow yourself to evolve, shift and liberate. Know yourself, to know your Lord!

-Asiya Shaikh

About me

Hi, thanks for stopping in !

Imagine yourself living a liberated and balanced life! 


I am Asiya Shaikh, the Founder and Director of Nafs Healing. I have a dream to provide holistic healing in a safe, non-judgmental and inclusive environment. 


You can easily book a therapy session with me. As a Registered Psychotherapist, with more than 18+ years of experience I just happen to offer safe and effective therapy.  I have also completed post-graduate studies in Islamic Psychology from Cambridge Muslim College, UK; a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, and currently the only Master Practitioner in GTA in Accelerated Resolution Therapy which gives rapid results within a few sessions. 


I see therapy as a journey, if you choose I can be a rafeeq– a companion on your healing journey.


It’s okay if you feel confused about your situation and don’t have all the answers, we will make sense of it when we can.

Now you can begin your journey towards healing. You will heal, yes you can! 

Trauma-Informed Yoga Sessions

Community Wellness Workshops

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E.A.S.E – Emotional and Social Education Program for Children & Adolescents

Nurturing Parenting – A Positive-Rational Parenting Program

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H3 - Holistic Health & Healing program for Youth and Adults

At Nafs Healing therapists are trauma-informed. Perhaps, you might be thinking that does talking to a therapist helps with anxiety, trauma, depression, OCD, phobias, stress, etc. To help you heal we are committed to provide holistic treatment utilizing multi-modal techniques that will help you get unstuck and create an upward growth spiral. 


It is never too late to ask yourself, ‘Am I ready to change my life, am I ready to change myself ’? .
However old we are, whatever we went through, it is always possible to be reborn. If each day is a copy
of the last one, what a pity! Every breath is a chance to be reborn. 

– Shams Tabriz

Healing is coming back to the essence – The Self. It involves reclaiming and liberating your Self for which we provide a safe and warm environment for you to heal. Our sessions are virtual; so you can access them from anywhere and make them fit your already busy schedule, they are easily bookable, we just happen to provide quality and effective therapies.