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‘Nafs’ is an arabic term lexically meaning The Self, Mind, Ego, Soul, Spirit. In other words Nafs means the entirety of the person because healing is coming back to the essence – ‘The Self’.

Nafs Healing was founded by Asiya Shaikh who was always fascinated by the miraculous nature of humans as a whole, comprehensive and holistic being. At Nafs Healing we take a unified trauma-informed approach and consider the psychological, physical, spiritual and social dimensions, to provide holistic mental health services from a Biopsychosocial & heart-opening spiritual perspective. We provide a safe and inclusive environment, culturally-relevant services, utilizing anti-racism and anti-oppressive framework to work with people of colour, visible minorities, refugees and anyone who is culturally wounded and seeking to heal.

The theme of the word Nafs has a modernistic undertone. It is to instill a sense of individual responsibility through a strong emphasis on choices made by the individual, it is the sophisticated cognitive and perceptive part that has many inter-related functions and unique characteristics. Nafs is something to be nurtured & self-regulated so that it can progress into becoming ‘sound’ by being with what is and being with God.

Nafs Healing Inc. is committed to providing quality Mental Health Services across the province of Ontario. We at Nafs are trauma-informed & skillfully trained in utilizing evidence-based treatment approaches

Treatment plans are unique for each client to help them reclaim their true inner self and enhance their quality of life. 

Our therapists and coaches are passionate about empowering and helping you thrive. We are here to tell you, that you are not alone. You can count on us on this healing & rewarding journey !

Meet The Team

Farah Memon

Farah is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) who has been in the field of mental health for 11 years and holds a Masters’ Degree in Applied Psychology specializing in Clinical. She aims at working from a culturally sensitive and trauma-informed lens. She supports individuals facing anxiety, depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Relationship challenges and Life Transitions. Using an integrative approach, Farah draws from different well-researched modalities such as Inner Child Work, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Mind-Body approaches to healing, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Expressive Arts and Narrative Therapy.

Farah has extensive experience working with diverse clients and attempts to consider the impact of culture and conditioning. Often, we may feel that certain aspects of our past keep on knocking at our door. Certain emotions come up and we may find it difficult to understand where they may be stemming from. During these times we may feel lost, confused and even guilty. Farah aims to provide a safe space for her clients to explore, identify, process, and navigate these emotions while feeling compassion towards themselves. Using her passion, curiosity, education, and experience. Farah meets the client where they are at.

Sessions with Farah are organic, intuitive, and respectful. She doesn’t shy away from using humour and movement therapeutically in her sessions. Outside her role as a therapist, Farah enjoys travelling, exploring different cuisines, and spending time with her loved ones. Farah ensures to focus on her self-care and updates her knowledge with training and networking. Book a session now!

Zahra Zahed

Zahra Zahed offers personal, group, nutrition, and life coaching. She is a remarkable figure in the fitness and wellness industry, embodying resilience and empowerment. Her personal transformation from a homeless, pregnant immigrant to a successful single mother and CEO underlines her extraordinary strength and determination. As a Master Certified Life Coach, Body Transformation Specialist, and Certified Personal Trainer, Zahra is dedicated to unlocking the limitless potential in each individual. Her approach is holistic, blending enjoyable, effective exercise with life coaching, and extending into personal growth, self-love, and overcoming life's challenges.

Zahra's practice uniquely incorporates trauma-focused life coaching, emphasizing mental health as a vital part of the healing journey. She creates personalized plans to help individuals heal, fostering a deeper sense of self-understanding and empowerment. With a diploma in fitness and health and ongoing studies in kinesiology, Zahra's methods are not just about physical transformation but also about nurturing the mind and spirit.

Her belief in the transformative power of fitness and wellness, combined with her commitment to education, motivation, and empowerment, makes her a guiding light for those seeking to improve their lives holistically. Through her work, Zahra inspires and supports individuals in their journey toward wellness, happiness, and fulfillment, making her a true catalyst for change and growth. Start your life-transformative journey now!

Samira Alam

Samira is a Registered Psychotherapist who works with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), religious and cultural trauma, relationship issues, self-esteem and confidence issues. Her approach relies on developing a strong therapeutic relationship with her clients. She works through a trauma-informed and culturally sensitive lens when supporting her clients through their struggles.

"Our struggles are often the result of root causes and it's important we focus on 'what happened to you' rather than 'what's wrong with you'. I help my clients to discover this with an awareness of any struggles of feelings of shame or guilt that may be present or arise along with the importance of and emphasis on meeting yourself with self-compassion and understanding versus self-judgement and criticism."

The first session with Samira is getting to know you, building the therapeutic relationship and setting your therapy goals collaboratively. By the end of the first few sessions, we should have a general treatment plan for the next few sessions which we will start to work towards in achieving your therapeutic goals.


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