-Trauma Informed Yoga

Stress and trauma can lead to imbalances in the physiology of the autonomic nervous system. If these imbalances are left unaddressed, they can further lead to mental and physical health problems. Perhaps you are an individual who suffers from anxiety, depression, or the symptoms of posttraumatic stress. In this case, this 5-session package is developed so that you can support your body, to support your mind.

The package comprises one hour of trauma-informed yoga each, totalling 5 hours altogether. Each hourly session focuses on encouraging your sense of connection to your body and guides you through an experiential therapeutic yoga practice. You are invited to step into a journey of empowerment and to engage in a quest for wholeness.

Are you ready to help heal trauma, stress, anxiety from a holistic and body-based unified approach? Are you committed to transforming pain and challenges into growth, meaning, change and resilience?

Then we wholeheartedly invite you to our first-of-its-kind 5-session Integrative Trauma-Informed Yoga Program.

This unique program is designed for individuals wanting to explore a deeper understanding of the body’s relationship with social, environmental, developmental, relational, spiritual, and cultural context. This program is offered by an internationally trained physical instructor and trauma informed yoga trainer. This program intends to offer a holistic framework for understanding and healing from a body-centered perspective. This extraordinary program offers a collection of practical tools that will help access the innate wisdom that guides your healing process.

Learn to restore your biological stress response system and increase body awareness with this 5-day, live, online training program.

It empowers you to holistically discharge stress, blocked emotions, and body tension, as well as relieve stagnated energy while restoring resilience.