-Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety is a basic human emotion that has helped humans to survive but when it’s excessive, it becomes debilitating and detrimental to our health. Anxiety sometimes is not just in our mind but also manifested physically in the body. Not all anxiety is excessive worry, sometimes it’s just that body hurts, the stomach and head hurts, we have trouble sitting still, feel restless, can’t sleep, can’t concentrate, etc. Sometimes it’s a very physical experience, so at Nafs Healing we utilize body-oriented approaches to reduce anxiety by regulating the nervous system and also cognitive therapies to reinforce flexible and rational thinking. 



Anxiety is very common – according to studies, 1 out of 20 people in Canada, at some point in their lifetime, will struggle with problematic anxiety. With therapy and determination, you can start to feel better and get back to your life. So let’s begin this self-discovery to aid our health and wellbeing Therapists at Nafs Healing use a collaborative approach for various forms of anxiety including:



Treatment at Nafs Healing includes the use of proven approaches such as:


Nafs Healing’s treatment approaches will help you: