-Depression Therapy

You might be getting up, going to work and smiling and laughing all day, and then coming home feeling empty, lonely and exhausted. The worst part is that since your emotional wounds are not visible on the surface nobody seems to truly understand how bad you truly feel. Or you feel so tired and exhausted that even getting out of bed seems like a task and it may be frustrating of hearing people say, how much better you will feel if you just get out and do something!


 If you experience loss of pleasure, changes in appetite, sleep or body weight, feel tired most of the day, lack of energy, difficulty concentrating, low mood lasting for weeks or years then it might be depression.


Depression has a physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual component. At Nafs Healing we are committed to providing holistic treatment utilizing multi-modal techniques that take into account all these aspects to help you get unstuck from the downward spiral of depression and create an upward spiral of growth and healing.

Evidence-based techniques we use for the treatment of depression include:


Treatment of depression will help you: